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Cheap light setup

Hi everyone. Gail asked me to post the little light setup that I was talking about at the meeting.  I have taken pictures of each piece and the combined setup. I hope this is of use to you. - This is my first time with this blog thing. I hope I did it right.



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November Meeting Guest Speaker Rod MacIvor

We are lucky enough to welcome Rod MacIvor as our guest speaker for the November club meeting. MacIvor will be speaking about his career as a photojournalist with slideshow and the art of photojournalism.  He has also agreed to critique photos by members who would like to have the opportunity to have their photojournalistic work critiqued by him.

Winner of three National Newspaper Awards and numerous other national and international awards including The Canadian Press News Picture of the Year 1999, and 2005 Award of Excellence for Single Sports photo by the News Design Annual Creative Competition (23 countries).

Two of his photos were chosen to be included in an American book (called Picture This! by Gary Haynes) which showed 238 Classic Photos taken by UPI Newspictures over a 50 year period….a photo history of news events and an impressive pictorial tribute to the work of the one-time legendary photos service.

After Mr. Trudeau's death, Rod was asked to put together an exhibit of his best photos of the Trudeau years (approx 50)and over 20,000 people viewed the exhibit as it traveled across Canada. Sales of prints raised almost $20,000 for Prostate Cancer Research.

MacIvor, born in 1946 in New Glasgow ,Nova Scotia, is a graduate of Ryerson 's Photographic Arts program, taught photojournalism at Carleton, and is a founding member of the Advisory Board for the Loyalist College Photojournalism program. He is now 'retired' and a is a judge for the annual National Newspaper Awards for excellence in Photojournalism.

Sunset in Merrickville


With so many club members in one place at the same time there was good motivation to get working but hard to find anything a little different.  My flowing waterfall photos were not particularly note worthy, will have to revisit that project, however, this sunset I thought had some merit.  A bit of tweaking in Lightroom with the yellow and orange spectrum seemed to draw out the true colors nicely.



The Locks of Merrickville

We had a club outing at the locks in Merrickville recently, and I was so happy to be able to take part.  Though I arrived late and hadn't taken any photos with my DLSR for a while, I got a few pictures that I am fairly happy with.  Here are three that seem at least a little bit different than others I've seen from that.  They were all shot in manual mode and only had very minimal processing done on them.

Wednesday evening Photography outing

Nice turn-out!  Great to see everyone.  Merrickville always has a lot to offer the photographer.

Canada Day Fireworks, Kemptville 2014

Decided to try my hand with some fireworks on Canada Day in Kemptville.  Not as easy as one would think, mosquitos being the number one issue.  Camera was on tripod, set to manual mode, auto focus turned off and set to infinity, exposure was 1/2" at f-8, ISO 400 at 70 MM.  Should have moved back or switched to a wider lens but a lot happens fast.  Aiming is an issue, you have to guess for the burst, found myself looking over the top of the camera and shooting in continuous mode hoping for the best.  Next time out, maybe higher ISO, wider aperture and faster shutter, hard to experiment when you only have a very limited time.  Took about 500 shots but only a dozen or so of any value, it is a bit of trial an error.  See what happens next year, I am making notes.

Weekly challenges for members

Since we are not having any meeting this summer, we have been weekly challenges on our closed Facebook page. If you want to join in contact John Wilberforce and he will add you in. This week challenge is: Delicate.

Happy shooting!

Making 'Shadow of a Broken Heart'

Life has been busy lately. Really busy.  I've barely been able to take photos with the point and shoot let alone the DSLR.  So it was no surprise that I was a little constrained on time when it came to putting together something for the latest photo contest on shadows.  This is why I'm so thrilled that I was actually able to execute my vision (and that I actually had a strong vision!).

As members of our club know, I love taking photos with little toys and statues.  I had two wooden statues from the Third World Bazaar that I felt told a bit of a story.  One depicted a couple's embrace, and the other was a single person looking rather pensive.  What if I could use one statue to produce a shadow, and use the other as a foreground? Hopefully it would look like the pensive one was dreaming of better times, or maybe wishing he had more.

I only had an hour at 10pm on a Sunday night to get this done.  My idea for a setup had to work more or less on the first try.  All I had was a white baby blanket for a backdrop, the two statues, my camera on a tripod, and a remote flash positioned on a thick cookbook.  Here's how it looked:

I took many photos until I could get the positions of the statues and the flash just right.  Of course, it's not an indoor photo shoot without a little help from the local wildlife:

Luckily, I pulled it off! Here's the final product: