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Yea!!! I finally posted some pictures on Flickr. With the instructions on Lightroom and under the recipes on this site it was easier than I thought. Go for it people, share yourpictures.

Meeting January 2, 2013

Happy New Year to everyone.

We had our first meeting of the year at the old Fire Hall. We can see a lot of possibilities in this new location and we are quite excited.

John reintroduced the Skill challenge. Mike did a presentation on Data Asset Management (DAM). The thing to remember is to back-up, back-up your pictures. One of the suggestion was to use 2 external hard drives and rotating them. He also spend a lot of quality times telling us about "Lightroom" as the place to manage your pictures. On a side, there will be more training on Lightroom later in the month. Just watch your e-mail for more details.

Larry and myself introduced some changes for the contest. Mary Sue, Larry and myself have created a new contest scoring that will make it easier for judges to judge the pictures. We have also created a new scoring system that over time, will be the parameter for the different levels. After discussion at the meeting it was decided that for this year, everyone starts with 0 points, which means that when you submitting photos for the contest this year there is no level (ie., junior, intermediate, etc). We are all starting equal. We will also introduce a photographer of the year at the Year end banquet. Details on how to qualify will be determine later.

All the forms and information such as the Skill challenge, Tips for judging, contest sheets, contest scoring, etc. can be found under the recipe page.

We also introduce the contest: Finding colours in winter.

So the word for this year, Get out and shoot.


Hogs Back Outing

Well, only Joanne and myself made it out to the walk on Nov. 25. It was sunny, but the wind made it feel colder than it was. I think the temp was -3 or so, but it felt like -15! Being beside the water didn't help either...










I'm still happy I made the trek, we took some nice photos.








The ducks were still around!








Check out the rest on my flickr set:

Portrait Appraisal - Pain and Pride

I just gotta learn not to put off these things, whatever my reasons.  You will have to excuse me for not including names.  Although I know a very few I don’t want to get any wrong.

April’s meeting we reviewed the assignment on portrait photos.  There were so many and all of the submissions impressed me a great deal.  As this was my first assignment I was extremely keen to listen and partake in the criticisms of what went well and not.  Others might have found me too self absorbed in the process, and eagerly I awaited the moment when to hear the reviews of my submission.  I really wanted to learn what others could see in my photo.  Surprisingly, there were few comments.  Yet, I left the meeting with so much more.

After the meeting and reviewing what I had learned I realized what incredible effort each person experienced just to submit their assignment.  One young lady must have spent many hours creating a self portrait without actually being able to see through the viewfinder what is happening.  What struck me was the wonderful inventiveness of many of the portraits.  While one person cast interesting shadows from ordinary sunlight another used construction lights which created a unique monochrome subject.  Some worked in collaboration, and obviously inspired by one another’s creativity used props such as hats and a scarf.  There was someone with a violin in a portrait that reminded me a little bit of a Karsh photo.  Clearly, there are some very artistic people here.  All this inspired me to be more artistic in the future.

I felt that my portrait submission was very simple in comparison.  I chose to do as we were taught, create a straight forward portrait.  My wife endured four hours with me as I applied the lessons given and experimented with sunlight and angles and $2 reflectors from Dollarama and other modifications to my flash.  It took a few tries just to learn which way the light should come from and what angles make the most flattering (or remove the least unbecoming).  And then I had to learn how to direct my subject (when to smile etc.) and remember to constantly converse so as to keep her relaxed.  She is so incredibly patient and I think I used up all of my “points” in the effort.  I now appreciate the many hours good portrait photographers must have spent practicing such arts. 

April Meeting Minutes

Another great meeting for the photography club. Both fun & productive. With an attendance of aprox. 36 people with some new faces as well. 

We started off with some important announcements:

1- The college will be raising our rent in Sept. up to $90 a month. We have all been given the assignment to think of ideas for future meeting locations. We will start with putting a list of possible locations together then go through it & start contacting them. Please contact us if you have a suggestion.

2- We have rented space at this years Dandelion Festival. For those interested in helping organize & participate in the event we are gathering for a meeting at Jancy's house (64 Garrison Drive) on Wed the 18th of April at 7pm. For those interested in helping out but can't make the meeting just contact us & we'll be sure to keep you in the loop.

3- Field Trip. A field trip to the orchid show is in the works. Sunday April 22nd 9-11amNepean Sportsplex, 1701 Woodroffe Avenue, Nepean. Cost of admission is $10. A car pool can be arranged.

4- We had 8 entries to our portraits assignment & I'm sure you are all already busy working on our next contest Water. Judges for this contest are: Caleb, Carole & Dorothea, Thank you!

We also had an amazing guest speaker. Thanks again to Denis Rule for his talk on macro photography. You can check him out at

My 1st Blog 1 Field Trip

Okay. This is my second attempt to create and save a blog. My connection dropped during the first attempt. I was actually quite excited participating in my first field trip after missing the trip to Canada’s Upper Village. There were eight of us to carpool down to the Winterlude site. I felt like a sponge, trying to soak in every detail, people’s names, their unique perspectives, the various levels of equipment and how each person approaches their photography. The day was cold, and although I didn’t mind it I am sure the equipment was challenged. Once we set loose, I began like a madman with an insane mission, clicking at everything around.






Later, I tried to be more discriminating by narrowing my eye-field-of-vision to simulate the camera. It is inconclusive whether either method was successful. I found myself casing the area to later capture a mental picture, without fully understanding how to get what I wanted.

Some of us returned for night photography. It was then I learned about the ghost effect, and I tried zooming in on a timed shot. Those shots require more practice. I think my camera is cursed. It was filled with far too many less-than-good photos with which I am even now left to deal with.

Then, there are the precious few that seem adequate but have no idea what to do with.

Winterlude outing

Here goes.. my first time on a blog.  I had a super time with the group even though the cold kind of restricted me and I think the camera complained near the end.  Or maybe it was my mitts bumping buttons they shouldn't have.  I remember the autofocus quit working and shortly afterwards my jaw started clenching; I wonder why....  I sorted that out to my relief.

Winterlude 2012

I didn't get a chance to meet up with the rest of the gang but was still able to capture some shots of the ice. Here are a few of my favorites

Winterlude Outing 2012



So with all the mild weather we’ve been experiencing, what the heck were we thinking having an outing on Feb. 12...? It was cccold!!!





Oh well, we still had 8 (?)hardy souls show up to take in some Winterlude sights. There were plenty of photographic opportunities, though I think that I personally would have shot more had it been a bit milder!





The ice carving demos were spectacular, these folks are true artists. The food options were a bit pricey, but I couldn’t resist trying the “pulled pork poutine”. Talk about an overload,  carbs, grease, gravy, curds and meaty goodness... poutine heaven!






We took a break inside the Rideau Centre, and about half the group decided to pack it in... the rest of us stayed to experience the change to night, with the sculptures now bathed in coloured lights, a real visual treat.












I think we all came home with some great shots, and I’m sure most are looking forward to trying again next year, hopefully on a warmer day! Click on the picture of the wolves to see my entire Winterlude set on Flickr.

Welcome, Molly!

Andrew and I welcomed Molly on December 16 2011 at 5:47pm.  She weighed 7 lbs 3 oz and was 19 inches long.  Our cat is probably happy because we now have a new favorite photo subject. ;)