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Thank You Heather for all you have done for us.

I was shocked to hear the sad news.

The best way I can think to express how I feel is to say: Thank you Heather for starting the club that has brought so much hope & happiness to my life. May your friends & family be comforted by all the happy memories you have left for them as well.

you will be missed, but never forgotten.

In Memory of Heather Hughes

The following is a collection of memories and tributes of our club's founding President who passed away unexpectedly last Friday.  If you'd like to see yours included here, please contact us.

From Linda Bridgeman:

I have just read with deep sadness about the passing of Heather. I met her the very first meeting of the NG Photography Club meeting that she and Peter organized at the room over the Independent. She was always smiling, and filled with great enjoyment and enthusiasm. I have been unable to continue going to the monthly meetings, but will always remember Heather with great fondness. My sincere condolences to her family and the club..Linda

From Francine Cross:

I am sending my blessing to Heather and her family. I am so sorry about the news. I only knew her through the club but I think she did an amazing thing by creating this club and she was very generous of her time and her house.

From Moira Law:

Here is a small photographic tribute from me in honour of  Heather to post in the blog.  My sincere condolences to her family and friends.

From Brian MacGillivray:

This was an image taken at one of the meetings when Ken(??) was doing a presentation on posing groups of people.  She was a nice lady. 

Executive Meeting July 26/11

Another successful executive meeting with 8 members gathering at Heathers house to schedule future events for the NGPC.

Starting the Aug. meeting Tom will kick off his photo editing segments, giving us new tips & tricks throughout the year. The next contest will also be announced at the Aug. meeting, & we will review July's photos from the meeting stations.

Heather has a big announcement to make at the Sept. meeting, just after our Vernissage for The Branch exhibit. Jon will be announcing the start of a special photo challenge that you won't want to miss.

The contest results will be announced in Oct. plus Oct. is membership renewal time. We will be renewing the e-mail list creating a contact list available to all NGPC members. Don't worry you can opt out if you wish, but it would be nice to keep communication going between meetings for when field trip ideas come up etc.  Speaking of field trips, we thought Oct. would be the perfect time for a 'Fall Colours' trip to the apple orchard. Stay tuned for more info on that. As well as a possible trip to Henry's in Nov.

We will have a TBD guest speaker in Nov. & are looking into personalized items to present to speakers as a parting gift. It was decided to get bottles of wine with the NGPC logo on it & possibly a mug.

Dec. will be the NGPC annual x-mas party. We will have a slide show of every ones favorite vacations from the year & announce the holiday themed assignment. that will be reviewed in Jan.

Among the scheduling there was also discussion of keeping an eye on the Scott Kelby web site for news of this years photo walk. Some ideas were tossed around for some inter club get togethers & everone agreed that field trips & guest speakers were a thing everyone was interested in.

It looks like the rest of 2011 is going to be a very fun time for the NGPC.

See you Soon


July Meeting

Despite the threat of rain, & some minor disorganization the interactive station concept of the July meeting was a great success. The social aspect of being able to teach & learn off each other in such a hands on way really amped up my learning curve. We started by dividing into smaller groups then headed out to rotate the different stations set up for us. I started off at station 1 where John showed us some tricks for the always important 'portrait lighting'. Being a beginner I found this Super helpful & a stepping stone to feeling like an actual photographer. At he

At station 2 Heather left us to our own imaginations to get some creative 'texture' shots at the little bridge.

Station 3 was an un-manned post for exploring photographing architecture. I took this as an opportunity to explore the manual setting of my camera to try to understand more, which settings had what effect on the photograph. The best way to explore something is in the extremes. The attached photograph was taken with the manual settings of: exposure - 1/1600 sec, aperture f 4.5, ISO 1600.

At station 4 Kevin taught us how to use our aperture to create depth of field. He even took the extra time to go beyond that & explain how changing the aperture affects the shutter speed & ISO. He explained the importance of getting off the 'auto' mode of our cameras. As a group we went on to show each other the actual buttons to press on the camera to find these settings. I feel like a whole new photographic world has opened up to me & I am Excited!

Station 5 we were left to explore these manual settings farther before heading back to the room for some very important meeting follow up.

At the meeting follow up a date was chosen for the next open executive meeting. It will be held July 26th 7pm at Heathers house. All are welcome to attend. Those that can't attend but would still like their ideas to be heard can send a notice through the 'contact us' link on this web site.

Also VERY IMPORTANT - the Branch exhibit is in the works. Those interested in submitting a max. of 2 pictures for the exhibit must do so before July 24th using  the recipe format on this web site.

Thanks everyone, see you soon

Snapping Turtle

July Meeting

As the day gets closer I notice I'm getting very excited for July's upcoming meeting. 5 different stations, each one an oportunity to learn a new technique.

Yup, very excited indeed!

See you all on the 6th

Oh & p.s - It's snapping turtle season. I passed 2 just on the way home yesterday. So slow your cars down, get your cameras out, & lets see some snapping turtle pics posted here!


Tracy >:}

Photos from Vernissage and Meeting

What's Up With F-Stops?

I came across an interesting article today: Why is the F-stop scale so weird? Making sense of aperture, one fraction at the time.  Even though I have been shooting in manual and priority modes for a long time, I actually never learned the reason behind the weird numbers (you just get an intuitive sense of how to use it after a while).

Shutter speeds are pretty easy to understand - but why do apertures increase so weirdly? How come bigger numbers are smaller apertures? And how the hell are you meant to remember all of this?

Don't worry - it's less of a mystery than you'd think. Here's how it works.

Check out the article to learn all about it!


Event Photography

I find photographing events to be particularly challenging.  You can only set up if you do so before the event, lighting conditions are never easy, there are no re-do's, you can't get in the way of the event itself, and a lot of people are counting on you to get it right.  Weddings are the worst, of course, but even regular speaker-based events can be tough.

Last week I was the photographer for Carleton University's Women in Science and Engineering's big event, WISE Steps to Success.  I'm an executive member of this group, but was fortunate enough to not have to organize the event - four amazing Executives and Officers did that for us! Hence why I was able to be photographer.

I wrote about the event on my own blog, but to summarize, there were three speakers and opportunities for attendees to eat a light dinner and network.

My main focus was to get good photos of the speakers.  This alone is a daunting task, since nobody looks good with their mouth open mid-sentence.  It took a lot of patience and bad shots to get about 5 of each speaker I was really happy with.  To make it even more challenging, I used my 50mm prime lens to shoot most of the event.  In these kinds of situations, a zoom would really, really help, but I don't have a very good lens in the right range.  I chose the better quality over convenience.

Despite the fact I missed getting a souvenir picture for one of the organizers and cut off one of the speakers hands in an otherwise great shot, I think I did alright!

Some of the photos from the event are below, and you can see the whole set on Flickr.

WISE Steps to Success 11 WISE Steps to Success 19 WISE Steps to Success 22 WISE Steps to Success 8


Open Executive Meeting was a Huge Success

On Monday January 10th 2011 Heather hosted an executive meeting for the NGPC. The meeting was open to any member interested in being part of the committee & was a huge success with 11 in attendance.

Jon kicked off the meeting with ideas for a new format on judging contests. A point system with some help full guide lines was established making it easier for judging. This also opens up possibilities for photo & photographer of the year based on highest & accumulated points.

With this discussion of contests led to several ideas to increase contest participation. After bouncing several ideas around the flash went off & we decided that from now on participation in a contest will be rewarded with an entry in a draw. Your photo entries must fall within the contest criteria to be entered. The draw will be held at the meeting where the contest results are being announce & you MUST be present at the meeting to be able to win the prize. The draw starts fresh for each contest. Check the contest section of this website to stay up to date on the latest contest.

With that all finalized the committee then went on to discuss purchasing equipment for the NGPC. The treasurer has been keeping a good watch over the club's $$$$ allowing us the opportunity to get some much needed gadgets. Mike had thankfully done some pre meeting research & found us some excellent deals. In the end it came down to 2 options. Spend part of the $ on a lower quality projector leaving some $ for a computer, or hold off on the computer & buy the better quality projector to match our needs. It was unanimously decided on getting the better quality projector with several members volunteering to bring in laptops until a computer can be purchased for the club. Mike is on his way to purchase our new projector for us to have by next meeting YAY!

A schedule was put in place for future meetings. Check the events section of this website to stay up to date. 

The meeting was rounded off with lots of casual discussion of fun & inspiring ideas for the club. Like field trips & 'Around the World with NGPC' slide show presentation showcasing photos from members vacation spots.

All in all it was a wonderful evening & makes me proud to be a part of such an amazing club. Keep those cameras clicking.