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Lemons to Lemonades on Facebook!

Hi everyone.  I just wanted to let you all know that I have started a page on Facebook that is called "Photographs: Before & After".  It's an extension of the meeting that we had last night and I thought it would be fun.  You can join the page and upload photos that you don't know what to do with (or maybe you just want to see someone else's take on it).  Also, you can download other people's photos that they have uploaded and process them as you see fit.  Then you simply upload them back onto the page for others to see.

I'm positive it will be a good learning experience working on other people's photos. :)

You can search Facebook for the page or you can link to it from my Facebook page, as well!


John :)


Portrait of a Gardener

For our portraits contest, I decided I was going to start taking pictures specifically for my entry rather than search for my best photos of the past.  I want to ensure that I could get a decent planned shot rather than relying on past luck.

I chose to do a portrait of my mother in law who is an avid gardener.  We didn't have much time because dinner was just about ready, but I managed to get her outside for a few quick minutes as the sun was setting.  She didn't seem to particularly enjoy having her photo taken (only in the sense she seemed a little embarrassed by the attention), but I managed to catch a smile that showed her personality well.  If I had had more time I would have tried a few more angles to ensure that my background was good in the end.

I didn't place in the contest.  The commentary pointed out a few smallish issues (needs more head room, some of the things in the garden are a little distracting, underside of arms too white).  Still, I'm happy with the result.  If you click on the photo you can see it larger on its Flickr page, where you can also leave a comment.  Would love to hear what you think!

The Gardener


Basic DSLR Course

Instructor:  Wendy Stevenson

Cost:          $80

Location:     Gallery6 - 126 Prescott St., Kemptville

Date:           Sunday, Sept., 19th

Time:           1-5pm

There is space for 4 people.  Sign up sheet is at the Gallery or contact me directly (


Photo Walk Adventures

I went to my first Scott Kelby Worldwide Photo Walk last year in downtown Ottawa.  I had met some great people there so I had been planning to do that again.  Alas, I missed the opportunity when I didn't realize that registration had opened; it filled up really fast.

Luckily for me, our very own photo club decided to host a walk in Kemptville! Woohoo!

I had such a fun time on the walk.  I especially loved going into the local used book store with Wendy and shooting each other as well as the store owner.  I think my favourite shots of the day are from that store.  Also, I am really impressed with Wendy's ability to charm just about anyone into being a fabulous model.  Excellent skill. ;)

As usual, click my picks below to see them bigger, or see the whole set.

SK Photo Walk-2 SK Photo Walk-5 SK Photo Walk-6 SK Photo Walk-7


Face Book Club Page

Hi All,

Just wanted to let eveyone know that if you have a FaceBook account, then you can join the NG Photography Club page for discussion and of course posting your pics as well.  Just another great way for members to keep in touch:-)  Thanks to John Wilberforce for setting that up!!!


Scott Kelby Photowalk

Well, I don't know about the others that came, but despite the 100% humidity and sweltering heat, I had a great time!!   Thanks John for leading us and keeping us moving and staying "on time" and "on task"  some need that more than others LOL

Attached are just a few of the images I took including my "assignment"  "natural frame" - thanks Andrew:-)

Oh and the last two not sure if they'll "qualify" as walk shots as they were taken AFTER the official time...oh well


Vancouver and Seattle

I recently had the opportunity to visit Vancouver and Seattle with (almost) all expenses paid (grad school is awesome!).  I again took just my D90 and 50mm lens to keep things compact.  We visited a big variety of interesting places, from farmer's markets (so many textures!) to an aquarium, so there were plenty of interesting pictures to take.

Speaking of aquariums, here is a good tip: use manual focus.  Most of the glass is pretty dirty thanks to the little children leaning up against it, and your camera is likely to focus on that.  To ensure the cool little fishes on the other side are in focus, you will probably need to adjust it yourself.  But other than that, aquarium shooting isn't so bad, because the displays tend to be pretty well lit!

Below are some of my favorites, but feel free to check out the whole set on Flickr.

Vancouver - 7 Vancouver - 8 Vancouver - 11Vancouver - 17

Vancouver - 20  Vancouver - 22

Seattle - 21  Seattle - 23


An Invitation


I'm having a show of my photographs at Gallery 6 for the month of May and June.  There is an opening reception on May 14th and below is an invitation.  Please come! 


High ISO – GREAT when you need it!

Had the pleasure of photographing  a band called Double Back and Urban, playing at Greenfields last Friday night.

It was definitely an exercise in full-manual shooting with constant change of exposure due to the ever-changing light.   The ISO for all shots taken was 1250.  This high ISO allowed me to move and handhold my camera as well as stop action (at times) and get a fairly decent sharp shot.  Metering was spot metering, which in turn fades out the bg to mostly black and picks up only the light either in their face or on stage.  I was usually 2 stops underexposed (again for speed) which also helped black out the bg. 

I took almost 900 shots and changed the exposure at least 200 times.  

Lenses used – Canon 16-35mm

                           Canon 50mm

                           Canon 70-200mm

All were set around f/5.6 or lower.

BTW – you  might recognize one of these guysJ

All shots are straight out of camera – no post processing.  Oh and you might recognize one of these guys:-)

BBC Wildlife Magazine Master Classes

A friend pointed me to this collection of simple but effective tutorials from BBC Wildlife Magazine.  It includes lessons on the following subjects:

  • Landscapes
  • Mammal portraits
  • Plants
  • Sunset and sunrise
  • Underwater
  • Invertebrate portraits
  • Birds in flight
  • Animals in their environment
  • Reptiles and Amphibians
  • Creative visions of nature
  • Wet weather
  • Cold weather
  • Black and white
  • Urban and garden wildlife
  • Zoos
  • Bird and mammal behaviour
  • Close-up's

Check it out! It's a great resource for free.