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My First Wedding Shoot

It would be fair to call me crazy.

I got my Nikon D90 this past Christmas (December 2008).  It's my first D-SLR.  So needless to say, I was pretty surprised when an old friend messaged me on Facebook to ask if I would be willing to shoot her wedding.  She liked the photos she saw me post there, she said.  At first, I thought, 'there's no way I can that!' and asked around among my photographer friends to see if any of them would be interesting in leading the assignment, but having me tag along for free.  Nobody was available.  They did encourage me, though, so I decided to take it on with Andrew.

We took the opportunity as an excuse to buy more gear.  We got a new flash (Nikon SB-600) and Andrew got the battery grip he's always wanted.  We also decided that we'd need to rent some more professional lenses (somehow, our kit lens just wasn't going to cut it).  We rented another flash (a Nikon SB-900 this time) and two lenses: a 17-55 f2.8 and a 70-200 f2.8.  Boy, did we ever not want to give those back! But you can't beat the price.  It only cost $100 for the whole weekend.  (I also want to thank club member Shannon for lending us her D90 body so we could both be shooting!)

Shooting the wedding was really great.  Such an adrenaline rush! The ceremony and reception were both relatively casual, and we had a great atmosphere for shooting the bridal party preparations at the couple's old farmhouse.  This made our lives a lot easier, because it's pretty clear they weren't expecting the crazy-good photos you see all over the Internet.  Those photos have beautiful churches and fancy lighting and all that stuff nobody expected us to have.  Given our circumstances, I am extremely happy with the outcome!

One funny story to share: The ceremony was very short, and thus everything was happening very quickly.  I think I took photos constantly the whole ten or fifteen minutes, just to be sure.  In fact, I was in such a photographic frenzy that I knocked my hard contact lens out of my right eye while rotating the camera.  Luckily, I spotted it right away on the floor, picked it up, and just held it in my left hand while I kept on shooting.  Of course, I was shooting blind....


Here are some of my favorite photos from the bridal-prep shoot.  You can see the whole set on Flickr.  Click on the photos below to see larger versions.


First up, we had a little groomsmen photo shoot in the groom's workshop the night before.  This was Andrew's idea, and turned out beautifully!

Kelly and Greg's Wedding 8   Kelly and Greg's Wedding 11


And now for the bride and her bridal party...


Kelly and Greg's Wedding 23   Kelly and Greg's Wedding 25   Kelly and Greg's Wedding 26

Kelly and Greg's Wedding 46

  Kelly and Greg's Wedding 48   Kelly and Greg's Wedding 49



Ontario Conservation Areas Photo Contest

NGPC members maybe interested in entering their photographs in the Ontario Conservation Areas Photo Contest. The contest closes on January 31, 2010. Details are available at (here).

It is an opportunity to roam the nearby Baxter Conservation area.

Good luck.


Local Contest

Gallery6 is having another theme contest and there is a call for entry to artists of all medium.

Here's the information if you'd like to enter.

Have a great looooong weekend everyone!



new link

Sorry...this is the link I should have posted.  They have changed the site around where I'm keeping these and I guess I got it wrong the first time.

Take care,

-Wendy for LARGE prints!

Hi y'all

Just wanted to pass on that I order a 16x48" print from and I gotta say - the online ordering system was easy, the print arrived 2 days later and the colour and detail are right on!  Really happy with the results AND the cost!   I was charged $41.53 shipping and taxes included!

Here's a link to the image I ordered:

See you all Wednesday!




Enjoyable Evening For All

Following the informative talk on Silhouettes a group gathered to experiment.  Read more on my site at


"I Saw The Light"

I'd like to send a huge "Thankyou" to Betty Cooper for sharing an evening with three other club members and myself.  We learned so much in the fast, fun filled time we spent with her.  I now look at 'the light' in a whole new way.  We drove (very quickly I might add) around the area 'chasing the light' & getting some great silhouette shots, or trying to.  It was very interesting looking at everybody's variations of the same image.  We also learned how to politely acquire 'models' when needed and found the boaters at Merrickville and Burritt's Rapids very co-operative. 

If you ever get a chance to do an 'outing' with Betty Cooper,  be quick to jump on it.  You'll be glad you did!!  But make sure you have your running shoes on!

We ended our evening at 'Harry Macleans Pub' in Merrickville where we discussed photography & enjoyed a drink.  Thankyou Bernie for that!!

Can't wait for the next excursion!

Cheryl Ogilvie


Understanding Depth of Field..simply!

Hello All,

I wouId like to recommend a really great book ..Bryan Peterson "Understanding Exposure"

He seems to have a way of explaining the techy side of photography- aperture,shutter speed and ISO,that at least this old gal can get a grip on!

His explanation of Depth of Field is pretty cool and goes as follows:

Compare DOF to a manuscript...a 4 page document would give you the basic outline of a story (f4) the book is there wide open .(wide aperture) but your only interested in skimming the surface, and knowing what's in front of you.

         a 22 page document will go into much more detail (f22) where so much more  is explained in the entire book (small  aperture) to     explain everything in the document (or the photo)

Sure hope this helps, I know I need a visual to understand this stuff..haven't reached the aha! moment yet..but its coming!!

Thanks for listening ...Linda Bridgeman       



I'm blown away by: 

  --  the website (kudos to you, Gail and Andrew)

  --  Wendy's shots of Water -- loved the "Crash" and the "softer" shots too.  (And others such as Mellow Yellow

       and the Buttercup)

  --  Gail's night shots from the Walk-about  (Wow, you have a good eye).

  --  the inclusion of such wonderful helpful LINKS (great for a beginner like me --

       I got my first SLR this June -- still on "Auto").

  --  The openness of Cheryl in sharing her devastating "lens crash" story. (When I get a tripod, I will be extra careful --

       thank you, Cheryl)

I am delighted to be part of such a wonderful club where our fellow shutterbugs are so generous and thoughtful in sharing their knowledge and experience.

Many thanks!




2009 Scott Kelby Worldwide Photowalk

Last Saturday (July 18 2009), Andrew and I participated in Scott Kelby's Second Annual Worldwide Photowalk, Ottawa edition.  And, before any of you ask, no, Scott Kelby was not at our walk (though he was at one of them somewhere in the world!).

The idea behind the walk is to gather up to 50 people and follow an interesting path planned out by your local walk's leader.  Everyone takes lots of pictures, then shares them with each other at a restaurant at the end.  The best photos from each walk get entered into the main contest, and the winners get some amazing prizes.

You might think that 50 people is WAY too many to shoot with.  Actually, I think it turned out perfectly! Many people kind of split off right at the beginning, organizing into smaller groups that all followed the same general route.  But there were always enough people around you to spur some new ideas or ask advice of.  And while most people seemed to be shooting with digital SLR's, there were a few with Canon compacts (and let me tell you, these compacts got some of the best shots of the day!).

By the time we met up at Expresso Cafe at the end, many had gone home (it rained a lot that night, unfortunately).  But those who stayed were more than willing to help Andrew and I out with choosing a flash to purchase.  It was great seeing other peoples' photos before they processed them and culled the bad ones out.  We got lots of friendly tips and advice and can't wait to put it all into action!

Here are some of our favourite photos from the walk.  We had done a full day of volunteering that day and felt tired (i.e. less creative), but still came away with a couple of decent photos.  Click the thumbnails to see the originals on Flickr.  See all the Ottawa Photowalk results on its Flickr group.

SK PhotoWalk Ottawa    SK PhotoWalk Ottawa

SK PhotoWalk Ottawa   SK PhotoWalk Ottawa

SK PhotoWalk Ottawa