Members submit photos for contests and results are announced and discussed at the next meeting. Judges are volunteers and do not need to be professional or even advanced/intermediate photographers - judging is an amazing learning experience!


"Best of Summer 2009" - Results

Congratulations to the winners, and thanks again to our judges for their time and effort in making such insightful critiques!

As usual, click the pictures below to see a bigger version.


First: Hilary S,  Second: Jancy W



First: Cheryl O,  Second: Heather H,  Third: Anda R and LiannmeG



First: Wendy S,  Second: Brian M



Best of Summer 2009 Photo Contest

  • You are invited to submit ONE photograph about summer.
  • Your photo may be in colour or black & white. It may be digital or film.
  • The deadline to submit your photo is August 21 2009.
  • Judges will be Betty Cooper, Moira Law, and Paul Knarr.
  • The results will be shown and discussed at our September meeting.
  • Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or problems at all!


"Spring is Here!" - Results

At long last, the results for the Spring 2009 contest are here! Only small thumbnails are shown below, but if you click on them, you can see a larger version.  If you notice any errors at all, please let us know on the Contact Us page and we'll fix it up!


Beginners On Topic

First: Andrew C, Second: Hilary S, Third: Helen V


 Honourable Mentions: Gail C, Maddie S



 Beginners Off Topic

First: Linda B, Second: Gail C, Third: Sylvia V



Honourable Mention: Carole P


Intermediate On Topic

First: Cheryl O, Second: Carole P, Third: Bernie K



Honourable mention: Heather H


Intermediate On Topic (Flowers)

First: Moira L, Second: Cathy I, Third: Peter G



Honourable Mention: Heather H


Intermediate Off Topic

First: Carole P, Second: Cheryl O, Third: Bernie K



Honourable Mention: Cathy I


Advanced/Professional On Topic

First: Betty C, Second: John W, Third: Betty C



Advanced/Professional Off Topic

First: Betty C


"Spring is Here!" - Spring 2009 Photo Contest

  • The contest is entitled “Spring is here!”
  • You are invited to submit two photographs on the topic “Spring is here!”
  • These may be in colour or black&white. They may be digital or film.
  • You are also invited to submit one photograph any a topic of your choice.
  • No more than three photographs will be accepted. And indicate which is for “Spring is here!” and which is your topic of choice.
  • All entries must be submitted by e-mail by May 22, 2009
  • Entries to be sent to helen-and-dirk AT hotmail DOT com
  • The judges are Heather Hughes, Mary Sue Boyle and Karen Atcheson.
  • The results will be shown and discussed at our June meeting.