Photography Skills Challenge

Recipe by John Wilberforce.

List of skill challenges

  • shallow dof
  • wide dof
  • night shot
  • rule of thirds
  • freeze motion
  • pan motion
  • portrait
  • leading lines
  • natural framing
  • texture
  • multiple exposure
  • letters in nature
  • bracketing
  • macro
  • symmetry
  • silky smooth water
  • sharp-as-a-tack
  • softness
  • self-portrait
  • black & white


What are skill challenges?

  • a series of challenges to help you learn new photography skills
  • no time frame / work at your own pace
  • can be completed in any order
  • encourages more shooting and makes you think outside of your comfort zone
  • you can share challenge photos with group for viewing and critique


Ok......what do I do now?

  • decide on which challenge you want to tackle
  • learn what is required to complete the challenge
  • go out shooting
  • pick best photo and email to john using photo guidelines for competition
  • indicate if you want photo available to members for viewing / critique


How do I learn about a challenge?

  • NGPC  website
  • fellow club members
  • internet
  • photography books
  • any other resource that is available


How can I benefit from skill challenges?

  • take new photos (no recycling of old photos allowed !!)
  • understand your camera settings and how they help achieve
  • the desired outcome
  • shoot in manual mode (if possible)
  • submit the best possible photo that you can
  • as you view other’s challenge photos think about how each one was achieved
  • share information that you learn with other members