Coordinating a Club Outing

Interested in volunteering to coordinate a club outing? Here is a list of suggested steps to make it easier for you and to help ensure you get a worthy turnout!

  • At the meeting you volunteer at (or the first one after), ensure that a quick discussion on the outing is put on the agenda.  Ask for any suggestions you need to help plan the outing.  It is usually best to propose a couple of options for locations and potential dates and see what is more popular rather than leave it completely open.
  • You may wish to use the club's discussion mailing list to narrow down a day that works for the largest number of people (if you are not on it, contact us to find out how to subscribe!).
  • Once a date and time have been set, contact us and tell us the details (you may wish to ask those who are interested to email you directly so you have a general idea of numbers, but do expect no-shows and those who decide to come last minute).  We will post the outing info on the announcements mailing list as well as the website.
  • You may optionally want to blog about the outing to get members more interested.  If you need a blog account, contact us and ask to get set up.
  • Ask us to send a reminder about the outing a day or two before it actually happens.
  • After the outing, encourage participants to blog about it or upload their images to our Flickr group (see this recipe to find out how).