Travel Photography

Tips by Mike Collier


Research the Destination

  • Google is your friend!
  • What is the local climate?
  • Transportation options
  • Landmarks, festivals, events
  • Guided tours
  • Safety
  • Plan a shooting itinerary, of shots you HOPE to get!


Air Travel

  • Weight / size considerations
  • Don’t put valuable gear in checked luggage!
  • Research airline / TSA regulations
  • Customs forms for return


What to Bring

  • Cleaning: lenspen, microfiber cloth
  • Small “day bag,” comfortable strap
  • Memory cards, match to duration / ability to empty
  • Extra battery... Charger  voltage?
  • Small flash (or learn to make the best of your built-in flash!)
  • Do ya really NEED that 400 mm f2.8??
  • Travel zoom: 18mm – 105mm? -200mm?
  • One small, fast lens: 50mm f1.8 or 1.4
  • Plastic rain cover... Cheap insurance!
  • Small tripod... Night shots!
  • Filters:   polarizer, ND


When You're Finally There

  • Don’t forget, it’s a FAMILY vacation!!
  • Plan to get out to catch the early light
  • In a “tourist” area, look past the usual...
  • Include something for scale
  • Get a Photographer to take the shots with you in it!
  • Break out of the typical “here we are in front of...”
  • Try different perspectives
  • Look for interesting details
  • Don’t forget to just relax and take in the moment!