How I Did My 'Yogic Bliss' Night Photography Contest Entry

I was thrilled to tie for second place in our most recent contest.  I haven't had very much time lately for photography.  Even my photos of our 15 month old Molly are mostly snapshots these days! The night the entries were due, though, I decided I was going to attempt to fulfill a vision I had for my little yoga frog statue sitting on the kitchen hutch.

The photo was taken on a snow drift in my backyard.  The lights in the background look like candles, which I thought was cool, but really it's just houses across the creek.  The light on the frog is from a small LED flashlight that has its own tripod.  I rested the camera on the snow, packing up small mounds until I got the right angle, and kept adjusting the location of the flashlight.  A flash would not have worked unless I had switched to manual focus because the camera couldn't focus unless there was just enough light on the frog before the shutter did its thing.  I shot it in manual mode, and used a manually placed focus point (but still automatic focus).  The result is extremely close to the in-camera image (I think I brought up or down a teeny tiny bit of the white highlights, and that's it).

I'm happy with the result, which makes me more motivated to shoot more!