Light Painting

After many months I finally made it to a The North Grenville Photography Club meeting. The topic was light painting, and even though I was late, I did manage to make it in time for the hands-on part. We darkened the room, opened our shutters for about ten seconds, and used only a flashlight to introduce light into the scene. Here are some of my results, with no editing aside from a crop or two...

The first one is a bit blown out at the pens, but gives an idea of the control over the lighting you can get. Just a very quick blip of light was required.

I don't know how I'd get this sort of lighting effect any other way (I mean, obviously it's possible, but I personally tend to only use natural light so I don't personally know how to do it).

This was fun. I opened the shutter, painted the seating, then ran into the scene and then got painted myself by someone else. Ghost Gail!


Back in 2010, I had tried my hand at a different style of light painting.  Those results are on Flickr here - they are pretty cool!