March 2014

  • Refill your own inkjet cartridges:  with new inkjet cartridges costing upwards of $20.00 each, my math to refill them yourself works out to something less than $1.00 each.  Calculations on the internet (Red River Papers) estimate ink consumption at retail for a 13x19 print to be about $2.25, do it yourself and I estimate the cost at something like $0.25.  Buy a kit from in Toronto; for an 8 color printer like the Canon Pro 9000, the kit costs $60.88 and includes 4 oz. each of the 8 colors plus all refill needles, plugs and a chip re-setter.  Quality of the ink seems really good; I have had poor results with other brands.  Ink costs now become almost negligible.  So using Canon paper as an example, to produce a 13x19 print at home will cost you something like $2.50.  Hard to beat.