Canada Day Fireworks, Kemptville 2014

Decided to try my hand with some fireworks on Canada Day in Kemptville.  Not as easy as one would think, mosquitos being the number one issue.  Camera was on tripod, set to manual mode, auto focus turned off and set to infinity, exposure was 1/2" at f-8, ISO 400 at 70 MM.  Should have moved back or switched to a wider lens but a lot happens fast.  Aiming is an issue, you have to guess for the burst, found myself looking over the top of the camera and shooting in continuous mode hoping for the best.  Next time out, maybe higher ISO, wider aperture and faster shutter, hard to experiment when you only have a very limited time.  Took about 500 shots but only a dozen or so of any value, it is a bit of trial an error.  See what happens next year, I am making notes.