Submitting Contest (and other) Photos

To make it as easy as possible to judge your contest photos and ensure you have a fair chance at winning, follow these guidelines...

  1. Resize your image to be 1920 on the long edge (around 1080 on the short edge, depending on your aspect ratio) with a resolution of 96 pixels per inch.
    1. See how to resize your image with free software called GIMP.  Download GIMP here.
    2. See how to resize your image with Photoshop Elements.
    3. See how to resize your image with Paint Shop Pro Photo.
  2. Rename your photo so it has the form Photo_Title.jpg.
  3. Copy the following template and paste it into a new email.  Carefully fill in ALL your info.  We are currently using two categories for judging.

    Full Name:
    Photo title:
    Level: [Level 1 for most, or Level 2 for advanced members]
  4. Change your subject to the name of the photo contest, assignment, or other request for submissions that you are submitting for.  For example: "Best of Summer 2009"
  5. Attach your photo and send it to (we'll always use this email even if it's not for a contest).
  6. Wait for a confirmation email saying that your photo has been received.  If you did not receive such an email, contact us to ask about it using either the above contest email or the contact form on this website.