March 2016

Stroboscopic Flash: Not all flash have this feature, but it may be worth your while to read your manual carefully.  Something fun and interesting to experiment with. A typical example might be to have say a 1/2 sec. exposure with the flash firing 4 times so you effectively capture a multiple exposure.  Best results are with low ambient light and your flash will of course have to fire at less than full power in order for it to cycle quickly enough. Since I did not have a 5 year old available to jump off a balcony into the snow while I took the shots, I offer the very poor substitute of billiard balls rolling across the pool table.  This was a fixed camera position at a 1/2 sec. exposure, f-10, ISO 100 with flash at 1/8 power firing 4 times.  Similarly you could pan a moving subject in a reasonably dark environment and get dramatic results.