July 2017

Eclipse:  There is a total eclipse of the sun occurring over North America on August 21st this year and here is Ottawa at 1:35 pm we will see about 85% coverage.  If you want to observe or photograph this occurrence, protecting you vision is critically important. There are many ways to protect and save your eyes and I have found a relatively inexpensive special solar filter sheet made by Thousand Oaks Optical for just that purpose.  It is available on Amazon for about $13.00 and is simply a 4"x4" piece of solar filter sheet film that only transmits about 1% of 1/1000 of the light being transmitted by the sun, in other words it is virtually black.  Not sure what the exposures will be with the eclipse, but some initial tests of just the sun against a blue sky were approximately 1/1000 @ f-9.0 @ ISO 100 with a 100 mm lens through the filter of course.